Speech Pathology Job Vacancies

Exciting speech pathology job vacancies exist in remote and urban areas in the United States for qualified speech pathologists. Those who are looking to jumpstart their career in SLP can discover suitable jobs if they have the essential state licensure requirements.

Speech-Language Pathology Service

Speech language pathology professionals provide a complete assessment, advice and therapy service to clients of all age groups, from infants to elders. They use unique treatment programs to evaluate and treat a wide range of speech and language disorders. Pathology assistants and aides work in collaboration with pathologists.

Educational Requirements for Speech Pathology

Candidates looking for a speech language pathologist job should possess a Master’s degree in SLP. An associate degree or a certificate program in SLP is the basic qualification to practice as pathology assistant. In the case of aides, a high school diploma is essential, and they receive on the job training. Before becoming legally qualified to practice in the United States, candidates must pass a national level examination.

Develop Your Career

For qualified candidates with patience and strong interpersonal skills, an enormous range of employment opportunities are available in various types of facilities and healthcare settings including hospitals, acute care centers, rehab centers, nursing clinics and institutions. Work experience in these settings would help to develop your skills in the assessment and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders such as mumbling, stuttering, slurring, inappropriate pitch and lack of ability to understand.

Challenging and rewarding job positions are available in the field of speech pathology on temporary, permanent, short term or long term basis.

Exciting, Challenging and Rewarding Career

In the speech therapy field, salary varies, depending upon the location, level of training/education, experience and specializations/certifications. In addition to earning salaries, you can receive various other benefits including:

o Health and dental insurance benefits
o Relocation assistance
o Professional liability insurance
o 401(k) retirement savings plan
o Superior compensation rates
o 125 cafeteria plan
o Paid housing

Get Your Dream Job

If you are looking for speech pathology job opportunities, it is best to register online with a reliable recruiting service provider. Such service providers take into consideration your specific requirements and would find your dream job.

Advantages of Becoming a Speech Pathology Professional

Speech pathology or speech language pathology is a medical field that focuses on identifying and treating various speech defects and disorders. Although it is a fairly new field, it is growing and many individuals are making it their career.

Speech pathologists or speech pathology professionals are licensed medical professionals who diagnose and treat various speech disorders that impede speech and communication. It is usually good to have a master’s degree and then obtain a license to practice. The licensing regulations vary from state to state. Speech pathologists can get jobs in medical organizations and schools.

If you are interested in speech pathology as a career option, there are few things you must know. This article talks about the advantages of becoming a speech pathology professional.

Here are four major advantages:

1. When getting into speech pathology as a professional, you will be following a flexible and stable career path. Some professionals work as general practitioners while others specialize in specific conditions and disorders.

Many find work in schools and hospitals helping treat childhood discrepancies in language and communication development. Autism and other related disorders have the greatest need for speech pathologists.

These pathologists also work with adults helping them regain normal speech after brain injuries, strokes, hearing loss, etc.

2. Generally speech pathologists work in collaboration with a medical team while diagnosing and treating disorders. Sometimes speech related disorders occur as a result of neurological causes, while other times they are associated with physical reasons. Defects arising from brain injuries and strokes occur because the brain signals that direct communication are affected. In such cases, pathologists collaborate with neurologists to come up with a proper treatment plan. Other medical professionals they may work with are physical and occupational therapists to treat physical injuries that affect the cognitive, physical, and speech functions.

3. Another advantage is that a speech pathologist earns a very good income. According to recent statistics, as of 2011, they earned an average annual salary of $66,000.

4. A speech pathologist’s job is very important. Speech and communication is a vital part of an individual’s life. It is what helps in building and maintaining professional and personal relationships. Helping a stroke patient regain his ability to speak and improving the communication skills of an autistic child brings joy and fulfilment to a speech pathologist, as his therapeutic work is critical to a person living a normal and happy life.

Becoming a pathologist you can get a job in various places. Most renowned hospitals have speech pathology as a special branch. You can also set up your own practice and work privately. Other places where speech pathology professionals are needed are universities, schools, colleges, and so on. Such services are only for the benefit of the students studying in those particular institutions. Hospices, nursing facilities, and geriatric facilities also employ the services of such professionals.

Hence, you can see that there are lots of options you can choose from if you decide to become a speech pathologist. This article can help you make the best decision for you.

Speech Pathology Assistant Jobs

Speech pathology assistants are trained paraprofessionals who work under the control of certified speech-language pathologists. The US healthcare industry presents domestic and internationally trained candidates with good opportunities for speech pathology assistant jobs. Efficient professionals can secure healthcare jobs in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, educational institutions, long term healthcare facilities, acute treatment care centers, universities, home healthcare agencies, government organizations and other facilities.

Speech Pathology Assistant – Job Profile

Speech pathology assistants have to support speech-language pathologists in the treatment of persons suffering from speech, voice, language, communication and swallowing impairments. Under the efficient guidance of speech pathologists, they execute responsibilities such as:

• Speech-language screenings
• Implementation of treatment and therapeutic exercises
• Documentation of the patient’s progress
• Assisting the speech-language pathologist during the evaluation and treatment phases

They have to perform clerical functions like scheduling appointments as well as preparing and maintaining the materials and equipment required for treatment.

To obtain placement, candidates must have completed a two-year associate degree program from a recognized institution satisfying the rules prescribed by ASHA (American Speech-Language Hearing Association). They must also have the skill, attitude and patience to help the patients effectively.

Range of Benefits

Qualifications, experience, type of healthcare facility and location determine the salary of these assistants. The benefits they can obtain include:

• 401(k) retirement savings plan
• Medical and dental insurance
• Paid housing
• Professional liability insurance
• Relocation expenses
• Additional state license
• Section 125 Cafeteria plan
• Short term disability insurance
• Travel allowance
• Completion bonuses
• Immigration processing support for overseas candidates

Recruitment through Reliable Healthcare Staffing Company

Reliable and experienced healthcare staffing service providers, who are well-informed about industry trends, can easily help speech pathology assistant jobs to get the job of their choice. Experienced professionals as well as fresh graduates can submit their resumes online via these agencies.

Travel Jobs in Speech Pathology

Travel jobs in speech pathology are booming in the US healthcare sector. These jobs are rewarding and lucrative options for those who wish to travel to exciting locations throughout the country.

Qualified candidates can work in a number of healthcare facilities including hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, home healthcare agencies, long term treatment care centers, and many more. As per your preference, you can obtain full time, short term, temporary or permanent placements in all these facilities.

Speech Pathology Job Responsibilities

This job involves taking care of individuals of all age groups struggling with speech, voice, sound, articulation, communication, language and swallowing disorders. As part of the job, pathologists have to closely analyze and evaluate the intensity of the problem as well as develop treatment procedures that can enhance the communication skills of the patients.

To secure such jobs, the candidates must have a master’s degree in speech-language pathology (SLP) and a state-issued license. To obtain travel jobs as speech pathology assistants, candidates must possess an associate degree or a certification program in speech-language pathology.

Benefits Associated With Travel Jobs in Speech Pathology

Along with excellent remuneration, the candidates can expect the following benefit packages:

• 401(k) retirement savings plan
• Section 125 Cafeteria plan
• Short term disability insurance
• Paid housing
• Travel allowances and completion bonuses
• Professional liability insurance
• Additional state licensure
• Continuing education
• Relocation expenses

Choose a Dependable Staffing Solution Provider

With the support of established healthcare staffing agencies, it is possible to find such travel jobs according to your unique requirements. The details of available opportunities can be obtained from their online jobs database, which is updated frequently. These agencies usually provide facilities for online application submission as well

Speech Pathology

People with speech disorder often have difficulty in interacting with other human beings. Sometimes because of the way they speak, they are labeled as stupid, dumb, or inept. Main stream media is the cause for this stereotyping because they portray characters with this syndrome as brainless and nonsensical beings.

Contrary to the common belief, not all people afflicted with speech disorder are brain damaged. The causes of these disabilities can be related to accidents or can be genetically inherited.

Speech pathology is the study of speech impairment. They are the people behind the programs devised to aid people improve their verbal skills. Through their system, they could eliminate or minimize disorders like stuttering. They have also invented devices like the electro larynges which is a lot of help for people who lost their speech due to accidents.

The second part of speech pathology is the therapy sessions. People who conduct these programs are called speech therapists. They are the ones that interact with the most number of patients. Public schools that offer speech therapy to children are often headed by these therapists. These are free treatments that could help children with this deficiency. It is also very helpful because the earlier the child is diagnosed his/her chances of getting better are improved by a huge margin.

Those who opt for a more professional treatment may visit the nearest hospital. Most if not all medical facilities in the area offer a form of treatment or may refer one to clinics that do. There are a series of programs that one could apply for. Although most of the time it is based on the severity of the patient’s case.

From previous articles regarding speech pathology, a successful outcome is accompanied by feelings of satisfaction. This may be true simply because of the fact that they were able to help a person with the basic human need, communication